Izuo Technical Senior High School has a long history in the Osaka Municipal area.

Founded in 1922, the school has more than 21,000 alumni, whose hard work and achievements are highly regarded in society.

When the school was founded, it was remarkable as a technical high school that had a chemistry course.

At present, there are five courses: Fashion Engineering, Ceramic Engineering, Industrial Chemistry, Machine Engineering and Electric Engineering.

Students study enthusiastically in special courses to be engineers, and they are positively striving to acquire the licenses related to their specialities.

Also, the club activities are very active and some clubs even compete on the national stage.

The students act independently and enjoy doing their best.

At the school, we believe that education is most effective when students can be given personal guidance.

Educational Principles

The purposes of this school are:
*To train students to be industrial workers, who can contribute to the world peace and social welfare.
*To develop competent workplace leaders. Therefore, the educational principles shown below are emphasized atthis school.
・Training of Strong Bodies&amp
・Honest and Diligent Attitude
・Friendship and Cooperation as prerequisites for a cohesive society
・Acquisition of Basic Knowledge and Skills
・Creative Minds with a Thirst for Knowledge