Disaster Guide

In consideration of the weather and disaster conditions to date, we will take temporary closure measures in accordance with the following criteria. If a disaster of any of the following conditions or magnitude occurs at 7:00 a.m. or after 7:00 a.m. but before the start of work, we will take the temporary closing measures.

When a "storm warning" or a "snow storm warning" or a "special warning" is announced in Osaka City.

When Osaka City (Mayor of Osaka City) issues a "Level 3 (evacuate the elderly, etc.)" or "Level 4 (evacuate all residents)" warning for river flooding in any of the wards in which the city is located.

Please note that decisions regarding temporary closures due to river flooding, etc., should be made based on the information issued by the City of Osaka (Mayor of Osaka), not on the Disaster Prevention Weather Information (Warning Level 0 equivalent information) issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Target river: Yamatogawa (Yamato River)

When gathering information, please refer to the following

Osaka City website (When an advisory is issued, it will be displayed on the top page of the city website.)

Osaka Disaster Prevention Net (you can also register by e-mail)
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Osaka City Crisis Management Twitter

Osaka City official account

NHK Breaking news

Disaster Prevention Speakers (in the event of an emergency, a broadcast will be made)

Emergency alert email

In the event of an earthquake of intensity 5 or lower on the Japanese seismic intensity scale or higher (announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency) in any area within Osaka City.

When an "Information related to the Nankai Trough Earthquake" (Temporary) concerning "a case in which the possibility of a large-scale earthquake occurring along the Nankai Trough has been assessed to be relatively higher than normal as a result of investigation of observed phenomena" (announced by the JMA) is announced

Response in the event of an outbreak after the students have arrived at school

If a disaster of the above type and scale occurs while students are on their way to school or after school starts, we will check the safety of the students' homes and routes to school, and make sure that their parents/guardians are home before dismissing them from school. However, if the school district has issued a "Level 3 (evacuate the elderly, etc.)" or "Level 4 (evacuate all students)" warning, we will make every effort to ensure the safety of students on campus and have them wait and evacuate.

Requests to Families
In the event of a disaster during the school day, please make sure that your children understand in advance that they should evacuate to their homes, the school, or other safe places nearby, and what actions they should take to ensure their safety.